Are you looking for a tastier, lower-carb alternative to the standard McDonald’s menu?

Make a Chick-Double! Here’s how. . .

Start with a standard McChicken and a standard McDouble
Remove the boring bread slices. Keep the ones with mayo, ketchup, pickles, and lettuce, and cheese!

Beef Shoulder Roast

Beef shoulder roast and beef chuck roast were on sale at Harris Teeter.

The sticker on the shoulder roast package said “oven roast” and the one on the chuck roast package said “pot roast”.

I put the shoulder roast in the oven. It worked out well.

It tastes like the beef that comes in a Chinese restaurant dish. It is relatively tough and relatively lean. Has good strong flavor. Would definitely make again.

It was delicious cut up into strips to make a sandwich!



I tried making hamburgers today. The result tasted like bland meatloaf.

I’ll try again later this week.

First Times Food

First Ever Rib Roast

I’ve never baked a beef rib roast before! Here’s the story of what happened.

Seasoned it with salt, pepper and garlic. Placed on countertop for a few hours. Put into the oven when the roast was 52 degrees.

Baked at 250 degrees for about 3 hours. Once the roast reached 120 degrees, cranked the oven up to high for almost 10 minutes to get a sear.

After searing and removing from the oven, the roast was at around 126 degrees.

The result was pretty good! I was going for medium rare, but ended up at a medium.

For my first-ever attempt: I’ll take it! ????

Next time I’ll endeavor to have it closer to rare. Stay tuned.